Hide Cancelled Orders

Prevent cancelled orders from showing in the storefront customer order list.

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How to Enable this Feature

Using a toggle in Admin→Settings→Store Preferences called "Hide Cancelled Order" will prevent display of Orders in the Order History /customer/orders area from showing if the order has a cancelled status.

What Does it Do When Enabled

Several changes be noticed on the storefront and when a user is logged in if an order is cancelled:

  • Users will no longer see the cancelled orders in their order list (order history will not report the cancelled orders).  

  • Users can no longer search for orders which are cancelled.

  • Users who come back to the PDF or Order View of now cancelled order will be redirected to the customer order list view.

Exceptions to Hiding Cancelled Orders

  • An order number may still shown in the history of rewards points but the details of the order will not be possible to view.

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