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Embedded Jitsi Video Conferencing
Embedded Jitsi Video Conferencing

Best practice on how to use Jitsi embedded video conferencing

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A little bit left field this one. Today, we're announcing free embedded open-source video conferencing in EvolutionX. We want to help our customers and their remote teams communicate effectively during these extraordinary times without the burden of expensive licensed products.

Works on desktop browsers Chrome and Firefox and to start or join on mobile download the Jitsi Meet app from the IOS or Android AppStore. There is no registration required and no software to download so it's secure and private by default.

We have been using this internally for weeks now and are really pleased with how well it works, enjoy!

Demo Video

Best Practice Tips

Use the random meeting names that Jitsi generates and password protect your meetings

Remember that anyone with the meeting URL can join so if you insist on creating your own meeting name try and make it something that would be unique, maybe start with your company name - example “ABC Corp Sales Meeting April” again, it's always best practice to password protect your meeting.

Make sure to click "allow" when your browser asks you for access to your mic and webcam.

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