Call-Off Orders

Learn how you can setup call-off products for your customers. Get up and running in minutes with the call-off orders module.

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Call-Off Orders allows your customers to purchase bulk products in advance and then draw down these products as they need them. This enables your customers the advantage of purchasing in bulk without the hassle of managing or storing that inventory.

Below you will learn how to setup call-off products for your customers. 

Setup for Call Off Orders

Set a Default Line Reference for Call Off lines

You can set the default message for the line reference of call off items add to the cart. This is great for marking those lines for your customer and to see it as a note in the API. To setup a default message go to Admin → Store Settings → Store Preferences and save a message such as "Shipped from Call-off inventory.". The value is also available in the API for the line but a customer can change the value in the cart before checkout.

Add products to the Account: Navigate to Admin => Accounts and choose your customers. 

Now you can Test on the Storefront: 

Email template for the low qty alerts:

👍 Email alerts do not go to the customer


Question: What happens when the items have all been purchased.
Answer: The qty box is disabled. 

Question: How does the low quantity button work.
Answer: An email will be sent to you each time the customer makes a purchase and they have either reached or exceeds the low quantity value. 

Question: Can I turn off the email alerts?
Answer: Yes, simply set the Low Quantity alert to "0". This will prevent email alerts from being sent. 

Question: Where does the "note" show up?
Answer: The note only shows to the customer when they are viewing the product from within the Call-Off orders module.

Question: Can I control the Call-Off order module access through the user Roles in the Admin?
Answer: Yes, on your custom roles you can manage the access for each role.

Question: What does it look like on the order?
Answer: Have a look at the below. 

🎉 That's it, have fun creating your call-off orders!

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