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Creating Orders from within the Admin
Creating Orders from within the Admin

Learn how you can create orders from within the admin and send payment links to your customers.

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When a customer calls into place an order, it is great to be able to capture that order right when they are ready to buy. However, getting payment via a credit card over the phone isn't good security.Β 

Enter checkout 2.0Β 

Thanks to the new checkout flow you are able to create an order for your customer in the Admin and automatically send them a secure link requesting payment.Β 

When the customer clicks the link they are brought to an order review page that allows them to securely enter their credit card details.Β 

This is a simple workflow that provides your customer with that extra security .

Send the payment request email

πŸ‘ This will send a payment confirmation email, if it's a credit card order. If not it will send the normal order confirmation email

Request Payment Email Template in the Admin

Creating a Credit Card Order

Your Customer Gets an Email

πŸ‘ The payment page url will expire in 7 days

Until the customer pays, you will have a link you can share with them inside the Admin Order view.

πŸš€ Really simple and really secure!


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