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Checkout 2.0 - What's New!
Checkout 2.0 - What's New!

What to know about checkout 2.0! Everything from the why's to the what's new.

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Checkout 2.0 is our latest big release for EvoX. This is a particularly big release for EvoX as it covers a critical piece of the ecosystem and covers a number of improvements. 

What's New 🥳

  • Better UI/UE User Interface and User Experience

  • One page checkout flow

  • Apple Pay for iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and desktop Safari

  • 3D secure (version 2) for safer transactions

  • EU SCA regulation supported out-of-the-box 

  • Register and checkout all in one

Why we built checkout 2.0

EU SCA Regulation
Well the list above pretty much says it all, right! But here is a little background on them. The most obvious reason to upgrade would be the new EU SCA (strong customer authentication) regulations. These regulations were intended to come into effect on Sept 14th. They were however postponed for 18 months. Thanks to checkout 2.0 you are well ahead of the competition. Once you adopt checkout 2.0 you will be fully compliant with the regulation. 

👍 Important: If you want to take advantage of the better security measures, make sure the go into Stripe and enable your 3D secure for your orders.

3D Secure
The adoption of 3D secure version 2.0 brings a host of UX improvements for purchasing online along with the ability to significantly reduce exposure to fraudulent transactions. This is a must in todays business environment. Now you will be protecting your business and your customers at the same time. 

Apple Pay
Integration with Stripe to provide Apple Pay for your customers is an incredibly friendly purchasing experience for your customers. Apple pay give your customers the ease of purchasing and still the protection that they expect online. 

One page checkout flow
The one page checkout flow is fast becoming the favorite for online shops. This checkout flow allows your users the benefit of seeing the whole process in one view but limiting the focus to one section at a time. This gives them simplicity and also helps them to see the whole process, all at the same time!

Register and checkout
Sometimes your customers are going to want to register before they checkout. The new selection allows them to do just this. They can choose to both checkout and register all in one easy flow!

How do I get it?

To get it turned on for your store, simply contact the customer service team and we can turn it on in minutes. Alternatively, you can wait for it to be turned-on automatically when it is in general release in a few weeks time. 

Is there any limitations I should worry about?

Not at all, this is a smooth transition that won't effect your normal setup or operations. Checkout 2.0 is fully supported with all the functionality you loved about checkout 1.0 and much more. 

Creating Orders from within the Admin

For better security, you will first create the quote. Then when you are converting the quote into an order, it will send your customer an email with a secure link to complete the payment. This link will bring them to a review page where they can enter their credit card details. Learn more about the workflow here.

👍 The above only happens when you have chosen "credit card" or "Paypal" as the payment option. 

What about my checkout blocks?

If you have customizations in your checkout blocks they will automatically work in checkout 2.0. You may want to tweak them slightly as the positions of the elements will be slightly different in the new UI. Have a look at this article to see more on the checkout blocks. 

🎉 Enjoy the new checkout experience!!

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