The dreaded "No search results found" like the one below is a terrible user experience and can mean lost sales. So let's see how we can track these lost searches and make a difference to our customers experience and increase revenue on the website. 

Video tutorial

👍 Important correction: Use the ".ex-emptysearchresults" and NOT ".noproductsfound" in your Element Selector within the GTM trigger. This is a correction to the video at minute 03:37

Custom Javascript: copy and paste this into the variable configuration

function (){
var search ='&').shift(),
    regex1 = /[+]+/gm,
    searchText = search.replace(regex1, "%20");
    return decodeURIComponent(searchText);

Saved Report:
once you have the setup done in the video then click the link while logged into Google analytics.

🎉 In under 10 mins you are now able to review your failed searches and decide on how to handle them. 

What to do next?

Once you identified a failed search knowing how to fix it is key. Here are some examples. 

  • Misspelling or similar terms: add the terms to the product keywords

  • Determining a better result page: use the redirect module to redirect this search page to a more appropriate results page. 

That's it, now go off and be awesome!

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