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Search Partial or Multiple Product SKUs

Advanced search tips on finding items by SKU on the storefront . These can also be used in marketing emails and banners links.

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A quick way for staff to bring up items in your storefront is to search by SKU or partial SKU.  Another great tool is to show two or more items by putting all of their SKUs in the search bar.  We review this here and show you how you can use this when marketing to your customers.

Searching by Partial Product SKU

Searching by partial product code (SKU) is automatic for any item codes with a number in them.  This means if you have a family of products which appear with a similar beginning code but the number at the end changes you can get them all by searching the first few characters.  

Partial SKU Search Example

If you have a product family that includes the codes: ABC001, ABC002, ABC003

  • Search for the whole family by searching ABC00 in your search box.  All three codes will be returned.

Searching by Multiple Product SKUs

Sometimes you want two or three specific products to be returned by search and you know the product codes.  You can also do this but you require each SKU (product code) to be separated by a Pipe character and spaces.  

Multiple SKU Search Example

If you want to search for codes ABC001 and ABC003 but not return other products try this in your search box on the storefront.  Note that there is a Pipe character surrounded by spaces between the SKUs.  You can put as many as you want so long as each is separated by a Pipe character in this way.:

  • ABC001 | ABC003

Using SKU Specific Search for Marketing Links

If you want to setup a banner or marketing email for specific products then you can first use the partial or multiple SKU search methods to get the right list back.  Then you can use the URL in the top of your browser and copy it for your banner or email.  Always test it first and make sure you are not logged in as a customer so you know how it will look to the public!

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