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Promotions - FAQs, validations, and limiting usage
Promotions - FAQs, validations, and limiting usage

Learn how the system decides on when to apply or not apply a discount. See some FAQs and current limitations.

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Promotions provide a wide array of ways to apply discounts to your products but also a number of ways to limit those promotions. Below we will try and cover how the system validates whether a coupon or promotion is valid for any given customer. 

Validation Chain

The validation chain is the logic that the system walks through before allowing a promotion to be used. 

⚠️ Important: We check the below in this order...Once the system encounters a FALSE...then they promotion won't be applied. Even if later checks are TRUE

  1. First the system check if the products is part of the product group that is associated with the promotion

  2. Next it checks if that promotion is enabled and within the date range

  3. Then it checks if the Total Qty Allowed: This is the total number of times that the promotion can be used. 

  4. Then Coupon code limit usage: This is the total number of time that a given code can be used. 

  5. Then we check Qty per user: This makes a check against whether this users (email) has availed of the discount previously. 

  6. Finally, we check Qty per account: This is the total number of times any account can avail of the promotion. 

FAQs and Current limitations 

Cancelled Orders

Currently cancelled orders do not allow a customer to use a promotion again. For example, if a promotion is limited to 1 per user (email). If the customer avails of a promotion and then cancels that order. They will not be able to avail of that promotion again, if they try to reorder. 

Multiple usernames with single email

Companies that use the same email with multiple user (using Usernames) are considered individual users, so they can avail of the same discounts individually. 

Approvals controls 

Requesters that checkout and have their order approved by Approvers will have the promotion usage held against the Requester. The only exception to this is when an Approver edits the order and then checks out. Then the promotion usage will be held against the Approver. 

Is there a way to allow a User to checkout again with the same promotion?

If a promotion has been limited by Qty per user or Qty per account, once the promotion qty is breached there is no way to allow a single user to checkout using the same promotion coupon code. The way to handle this would be to give them a new coupon code unique to them or to increase the Qty per user and have them checkout. 

Can I reuse coupon codes?

Yes, in order to achieve this you will need to create a new promotion. Then in the new promotion you can add the same coupon code as you used before. This will allow users that have already availed of the previous promotion to be able to avail of the new promotion using the same code. 

Can I limit a coupon codes to one use per customer?

yes, to do this simply choose whether you want to limit the usage by user (email) or by Account or both. Have a look above to see how the validation logic works before deciding. Most of the time you will want to limit it by at least the User as this is the lowest change and will disqualify any other considerations. 

Can a person with multiple emails use the same coupon code?

Yes, this is possible. The best way to advertize your promotions is the advertize them as 1 per customer. As this covers anyone that is trying to avail of the same discount using multiple email addresses. 

Do promotions work with Loyalty Lion?

Yes, see the Loyalty Lion articles for more details. 

Do promotions work with Customer Labels?

No, currently you are not able to limit promotions based on a customer label.

Do promotions work with (product group) Exclusion and Inclusion rules?

Currently, promotions only work with product group inclusion rules.

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