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Categories as Content Articles
Categories as Content Articles

Specify if a category contains article content such as a blog, news, or helpful post. Categories give structure to your articles.

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Using the categories in EvolutionX as a way of adding structured blog or article content is a great way to improve the store.  This toggle changes the category behaviour because it's an article.  It allows the article to show even if there are no products or subcategories or if the "hide empty categories" is enabled.

Categories vs Content Pages

Content Pages, found in the Admin → Marketing area, are great for unstructured content pages.  This means they don't self link within your website.  To get to them you would add a link to a menu, footer, or email typically.  

Examples of unstructured content pages might include:

  • landing pages for email campaigns

  • about us page

  • contact us page

  • terms & conditions

Category Pages, found in the Admin → Categories area, are great for structured content pages.  These will auto link when nested under a parent categories.  They also allow for an image to represent the page.  This reduces the effort to add a page to a existing area of your website.  

Examples of structured content pages which could be stored as Categories with Article Content include:

  • news pages

  • blog pages

  • articles with tips and tricks

Using a Category for Article Content

Áll categories used as articles should include the Article Content toggle as enabled.  This causes the following changes:

  • The category will show it's description content even if there are no products or subcategories.

  • The category will be enabled even if the "Hide Empty Categories" is enabled on your store.

Enable a Category for Article Content

When editing a category enable to Article Content toggle like this:

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