If you have clients who can purchase with no VAT added, Evolution X will allow you to hide the VAT in two simple steps!

  1. Go into Customers > Accounts > choose Account > Edit; when you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you will see a "VAT override" option; Enable the appropriate toggles, and define the override amount

Once this is saved, VAT will not be added on the customers order (or will be overriden with the amount you have defined, accordingly). This does not mean however that it will not be visible on the storefront. To hide the VAT on the storefront, you need to:Β 

2. Customers > Roles > select a role > "Clone Role". This option is on the top right of the page and will copy an existing default role, essentially "unlocking" the tick boxes for you to edit, since these are predefined and cannot be altered on a default role. (a)

Scroll down to the "Global" Tab, and untick the box "Show Item Tax". (b)

Don't forget to save the role, and then assign it to the users within that account! (c)




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