You have nailed the import routines, and everything is showing successful in the "Import" tab, like below:ย 

Nevertheless, when you search for the new imported data, you cannot find it. Let's take a pricing import, for example. You have imported 50 new items successfully, but when you visit that specific pricing, you encounter this:

The problem most likely lies in the Delete Record column of your import. This needs to be set as N, otherwise the system will "delete" what you have just uploaded!

You should set the flag to Y ONLY when you want to delete items from that pricing en-masse.

Once you make the change, please re-import your file. The items will be populated after this.

If this solution does not work, please get in touch with EvolutionX support who will be able to look into your issue in depth.๐Ÿ˜Š

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