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Products Missing from Customer's Contract
Products Missing from Customer's Contract

Is a specific item code missing from your customer's contract? Here are the possible reasons:

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Your customer is trying to order something from their contract, but they realise that the product is not showing in their list. There are multiple reasons why this can occur.

A) The contract assigned to the customer has expired. The End Date has passed.

B) The product is disabled from the adminscreen. You can reenable this in Products > Products > Product Details > Enabled

C) The product is out of date/discontinued

D) The product has a zero value and the toggle "Buy 0 Priced Items" (which resides in the Suppliers tab is disabled. In this case, either add a price for your product or enable this toggle for the specific supplier.

E) The catalogue container, in which your chosen catalogues are assigned for the specific customer, has expired. Should this be the case, please extend the expiry date in Catalogues > Catalogue Containers > edit the relevant Catalogue Container:

F) The catalogue is not part of the catalogue container which is assigned to that customer, or is not part of your global catalogue container. This means that your customer will not have visibility to that catalogue. You can easily diagnose this if you type in a different product code from that catalogue, and get no search results.
Should you find this is the case, go into Catalogues > Catalogue Containers > choose container > Catalogue Assignment, and assign the catalogue which is missing.

G) There are inclusion/exclusion rules set up in the catalogue container assigned to the customer. 

Example: You would like your customer to see only five items from specific catalogues, so you add the codes in the inclusion rule;
This does not mean that the customer will see their contract lines AND the five items you have included. This means that your customer will only see those five items upon login, and nothing else, including items in their contract.

Should you remove the inclusions, therefore making the full contents of the catalogues available again, the contract lines should automatically reappear. Remember, inclusion/exclusion rules in catalogue containers will restrict your customers from navigating to the website for other items apart from those set in the rule, so use these wisely 😊

H) The item has zero cost, and you have the “hide 0 cost items” toggle enabled in the supplier tab.

Eg: KF24001 ("Vow" Code) is not showing, and upon looking at the product information, you find that it has zero cost. You go into the "Vow" supplier tab and find out that the toggle is enabled. Should you disable and save, the product should appear in the contract.

I) The priority or your catalogue, in which the product belongs, is LOWER than the equivalent product in another catalogue.

Eg, you have code PAPER123 (catalogue A) existing in one catalogue under this code, whilst the same product exists in a different catalogue (catalogue B) with code 012345X. You want to show PAPER123 to your customer.

Check your catalogue container. It could be that catalogue A may have a priority of 1, and catalogue B a priority of 0, ( the highest priority).
If you find this to be the case, ensure you change the priorities around to ensure that the customer sees the item from the correct catalogue.
NOTE: 0 is the highest priority, 1, would be lower, 2 even lower etc.

Should none of these options resolve the issue, please get in touch with the EvolutionX support team who will be happy to look into it for you.

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