ORS List Equals Cost Price

Identify ORS items where the List Price = Cost Price and update them to your specifications.

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If you're noticing items on your dashboard where ORS items have the same Cost Price and List Price, here's a simple way to get details of those items and change the pricing as needed.

Export the Affected Items

Firstly navigate to Reports and select ORS List Equals Cost.

Enter the date range you would like to use and hit Generate Report.

This will create a downloadable CSV list of all items where the List Price and Cost Price match. To download, simply select the Export tab and it will download to your PC.

Import a Pricing Rule

The export is in the correct format to immediately load into an Item Pricing rule, although you are free to change the pricing method and value to your preference, and import as required.

Now that you've downloaded the .CSV locally, you can make updates to your pricing as needed. Hint: make sure to hit save on your spreadsheet before closing it!

To upload into the system, you will need to either;

1) Upload this to an existing pricing rule


2) Create a new pricing rule and upload

For more information on the upload process, check out the Product Pricing article.

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