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Customizing the Order PDF
Customizing the Order PDF

Add your VAT/TAX number, Bank details or other items to the Order PDF.

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You can customize the Order PDF footer which is great for adding things that are important for your customers to see.  

For example:
If you want to add your Registered Company Number, VAT or Tax ID, Company Directors or bank details then the Print Order Footer will be a quick solution.

Change the Print Order PDF Footer

Start in the Admin and click through to
Store Settings → Checkout → Print Order – Footer

Add your desired details here and click save.  

Always test your changes to see if they are displaying the way you wanted.

To test go to the Orders module in the Admin, select an existing order or create a new one.  Click on Print Order and the PDF will download/open.   Scroll to the footer of the order to see your changes.

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