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Verify your site - Google Search Console
Verify your site - Google Search Console

Learn how to verify your site on Google Search Console ( formerly, webmaster tools).

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Google Search Console helps to track your site search performance. This is a great way to get critical search update messages from Google and ensure they are able to crawl your website.

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Add a property

Start by adding your property

Verify your site

Select HTML tag

Leave this tab open and open a new tab and go to  the EvoX Admin area => General => Search Engine Optimization. Now add just the site id to the field. 

👍 Important: Only add the code. Remove all the html tags. See the gif below

Don't forget to "Save"

Now, go back to Google Search Console and click to verify. 

Tip: If this does not work, you could alternatively copy the the full meta tag and paste it into your Head Block, which can be found at Appearance > Theme Options.

 You did it, Nicely done!!

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