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Checkout some of the advanced settings when you enable the Loyalty Lion Rewards App in the App Store

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Once you have Loyalty Lion Rewards App enabled in the App Store, you will see a number of new settings the be aware. 

👍ProTip: You don't need to import your customers into Loyalty Lion. Once you enable them through either the Admin area or their profile page, they will be automatically added to Loyalty Lion. 

Enable and Disable Rewards for all Users across the whole store.  

Signup Message on the Account Registration form 

Enable disable Accounts on the Account edit screen: 

Loyalty Lion is enabled for the entire account and all Users under that account. If you want to restrict access to certain Users within that account, you can do this through the user roles.

Set an Admin for the Loyalty Lion Account

Be sure to set an Admin for each of your EvoX accounts. The admin is the individual that will be setup within Loyalty Lion. All other users from that account will have their order points added to the admins Loyalty Lion account. This way all orders made from any user in an account will all be stored under a single admin account in Loyalty Lion. 

At the bottom of this page, you can see how to limit certain users from using the points, while allowing other users (e.g. the admin user) to make purchases with their Loyalty Lion points. 

Enable disable Users on the user edit screen 

For Users that are not part of an Account. You can turn on and off their access from within their User edit screen. Or they can turn off access via their Profile page on the storefront.  

Control Access through the Roles

You can control access to the reward also through the User roles. This will remove it from the My Account dashboard menu as well.

Pretty Cool, Right 😃

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