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We have tightly integrated Loyalty Lion into EvolutionX. Thus, it works with Accounts, Roles, Users, and much more. Checkout below how to set it up. At the bottom of the page is a link to more advanced Loyalty Lion Settings.

Step 1: 

Get your Token and Secret from Loyalty Lion. Simply Login and go to "Manage" => Configurations => Settings on the bottom left of the sidebar. 

Step 2:

Activate the App in the App Store on EvolutionX

 Step 3:

Create a Voucher / Coupon that can be redeemed by your customers, once they have earned enough points. 

Step 4:

Now create your promotion and paste in your codes. 

That's it, Nicely Done!  


👍 ProTip: Next step is the get your Loyalty Lion settings configured. 

Click here for more Loyalty Lion Settings.


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