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EvoLink Bulk Pricing Import
EvoLink Bulk Pricing Import

Bulk price imports to EvolutionX can be done using EvoLink from your back office ERP system.

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Bulk price imports can be done manually in the admin.  For those instructions you can visit our article on Product Pricing or search for more about Imports here.

The SKU Note

When the ERP system uses EvoLink to update pricing on the store the product SKU is used.  In some stores the SKU might have more than one product due to either two suppliers who can supply the same product or two manufacturers who use the same SKU for different products.  

The Price Change

When EvoLink Sends a new price for a SKU it will be updated for all products in the EvolutionX store which match that SKU.  In some cases a store owner may want to follow-up the EvoLink price update with a manual price import or product price change for the rare situations where updating all products is not appropriate. 

👍Important: Bulk pricing supports Method 1 ( Fixed price )only.

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