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Free Gift when you purchase

How you create a promotion that gives a FREE GIFT when they purchase a particular product or group of products.

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Setup a promotion that gives a FREE GIFT, with every purchase of a particular product or group of products. 

Example Promotion:
Get a FREE box of Donuts when you buy any Pritt branded Glue. In this case "Glue" is a category of products and "Pritt" is a brand. 

Step 1 : 

  • Setup your FREE Gift as a Product Group 

  • Admin => Products => Groups

  • If you don't have your FREE product added as a Product in the store, do that first. 

Step 2 : 

Step 3 : 

  • Setup your Promotion 

  • Admin => Marketing =>Promotions 

Now test it on the storefront


👍 Advanced Tips 

  • Setup a coupon code and the customer will be required to enter it before the Donuts are added the the basket. 

  • Add a "Minimum Order Total", to ensure the subtotals for orders are above a certain amount. 

  • Enforce Coupon Code toggle allows the promotion to auto apply when turned off and the promotion criteria is met giving the free gift. With the toggle on if enforces the need for a coupon code to be used to receive the free gift.

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