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Hiding Product Prices from Guest/Surfer customers
Hiding Product Prices from Guest/Surfer customers

To ensure that your prices are only shown to account customers

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Evolution X is designed to cater to different business needs, so that your website can be designed to adapt to the particular nature of your business.

Let's say that we want any guest/surfer customers coming to our website not be able to see prices unless they log in. This will be consistent throughout the website, including search and product pages.

Any guests/surfers that visit your Evolution X website would have their permissions defined under "Guest" role. You can view roles from admin screen via Customers module.

In order for us to be able to edit Guest role(or any role for that matter), we have a handy option called "Clone". Clone allows you to create an editable copy of role, which you can then assign to your global / surfer customers.

To access this option, click on "View Role" button.

This will now take you to the following screen.

"Clone" button will be on the top right corner. Once you click on it, you will be presented with a screen to add some details about this new clone role.

Click on "Clone Role" once you have entered Name and Description for your clone role. 

Once you click this button, you will automatically be taken to your new role's options. You can also access your newly created role by accessing Customers>Roles and then scrolling right at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the role name to be taken to all the permissions that can then be enabled or disabled. 

You would also notice an EDIT button on the top right corner, once you click on role name. This will give you additional role options.

Our example focuses on disabling prices for guest customers. Options relating to this can be found in "Global" section. 

In Global, you have a couple of options which we can turn off to show no prices to customer with this particular role. I would turn off these following three options.

Once done, click "Save"

Now, your role is ready to be applied to your guest/surfer customers. But how do we achieve this.?

Go to Store Settings > General. 

Click on "Store Preferences" from the top.

Once in Store Preferences screen, scroll along to "Role Settings".

From Role Settings, we will make changes to Personal Account Default Role.
Select your clone role from the drop down.

Click Save (found on the top right corner of the screen) once the role has been selected from the drop down.

That's it, job done! Now guest / surfer customers will not seen any prices of products on your website.

💡Pro Tip : To add a personal touch to your website, you can also enable "Quote Me" option through Pricing module. To learn more, click here

If you want to add a button that takes you to the login screen to encourage customers to log in to view prices, there's a handy article on it  in our knowledge base.

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