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A comprehensive guide on the order module in adminscreen

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Your store is set up and you are taking orders! So where can you manage these orders?

In the "Orders" module you can overview the status of your orders, whether these are waiting for approval or have been abandoned. You can see a history of all orders placed and if needed, you can re-order these items too. You can also create custom quotes and email them to customers.Β 

Once accessed, you will be presented with the following screen.


The orders tab shows all the completed orders. You can shortlist orders by order no, seller reference, order status, payment status, name, labels, company, PO reference, total, and date created.

Click on the order number to see more options.

You will then be presented with the following screen.

Here you can see information about the order placed. You can also utilise the below buttons, which appear on the right of the screen.

Edit : lets you edit the quote.
​Reorder : lets you resend the same quote.
​Print Order : Lets you print a pdf version of the order.
​Resend Confirmation Email : Sends a copy of the confirmation email out again.


πŸ‘ Learn more: below are links to other articles on approvals and budges.

Here you will see all the orders that are approved, waiting for approval or rejected.Β 

Clicking on the order number will present you with the following screen.Β 

Starting from the top right corner, you will see the following buttons.

Email Quote & Save : This will email the selected quote out to customers and saves that quote.
​Save : Saves any changes made to the quote.

You will also see a drop down in section Quote Status.Β 

Here you can select the status of your order. It is worth noticing that your quote will then move to the appropriate section of the order module once you have made a change to order status.

As usual, you can make any changes to your order here, which includes re-selecting customer details, adding / removing products etc. You can also convert a quote into an order using the button at the bottom of the screen.

These orders also feature a timeline of changes made to the order. This timeline is available from the very bottom of the quote page. It shows what changes were made to the order and when/who they were made by.



These are quotes which have been added to baskets but have not been completed. Just follow the process described above. You will come across a similar screen as you would in the Approval section.


These are quotes that are yet to be converted into an order.

New Quote

If your customer would rather you created a quote for them, you can click on "New Quote". For more information on how to create a new quote, click here.

Happy days! 🎸

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