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Add personalised CSS and motivate your customers to complete a purchase!

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Looking for checkout 2.0 go here

The checkout section plays a significant role in your overall conversion; we have added the trust blocks feature to ensure that most (or all!) of your customers complete the checkout process without leaving their baskets hanging!

Moreover, you can insert additional information about the security & privacy of your webstore, leaving your customers feeling more confident with their purchase.


You will find these under Settings > Checkout, where you will be provided with various options.

Below I will show you where these options appear within the checkout process: 

Header & Footer

(These two options will be evident throughout the whole checkout process)

Review Section

Billing Next

Delivery Next

Place Order

Print Order - Footer

(This appears within the customer's PDF when the order is confirmed, you can add your company's details here if you wish)

Credit Card Form will be available after API integration.

It is worth mentioning that you have endless capabilities within the WYSIWYG editor; in this case I have only added some text, but should you wish you can add other elements, like payment option logos, images, or even emoticons!

Enjoy setting up your checkout trust blocks! 😀

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