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Here you can find out more about what you can achieve with Menus!

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Have you created a menu but not quite sure what the options are within the Edit Menu section? If the answer is yes, please read below 👇

Here are the various menu options which you can take full advantage of: 

Category: The most popular option. Choose, drag & drop the categories you want to add to your menu. Naturally, you will see the managed categories as the default, but you can rename these if you wish, add your own subcategories etc.
Adding a category menu to your header is really easy - for more information on this, click here to read our article.

Content Page: This option can be utilized if you have created a Content Page (eg an About Us, Terms & Conditions page) which you would like to add in your menu. Just click "Content Page" from the dropdown menu, give your menu link a name, select your chosen content page and click Add. For instance, I have created this menu, which I have then added in the footer of my webstore, through my footer layout. These are all content pages. 👇👇 

For more information on this option, please click here.

Custom Link: This option is useful if you want to redirect customers to a different page through your menu. Just click on Custom Link > Add, give your menu link a name, and enter the URL that you would like your user to be redirected to. 

Product: If you wish, you can redirect your customer to a specific product through your menu - something which could be very useful if you have a special offer, or if you want to highlight a specific item. Just enter the SKU of the product when prompted, and you'll be able to either drag the product into a category, or keep it as its own menu link. 

Image:  Add some colour to your menu and become more user friendly!

Want to add an image to your header nav category menu?  Easy - you can achieve a similar look and feel as the below menu by adding an image.  Learn more about this by accessing the following article.


Enjoy creating your menu!!!

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