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How to redirect page links

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Websites are very dynamic and often require changes made in various different ways. One of these changes could be made to the SLUG of pages created on your existing website.

A store redirect is helpful when your page has moved URL. If your page URL has changed because you have renamed the SLUG for your content page and you worry that people who have visited your site have bookmarked that page, you can simply add a redirect for old URL to the new one.

You can find the Redirects option under Store Settings.

Here you find the following options

  • New adds a new redirect.

  • Import will allow you to import a list of redirects using a spread sheet. This should consist of the following data.

               FROM The url you want to redirect
              TO The destination
              TYPE This could be either 301 or 302
              (301 for permanent and 302 for temporary)

  • Download as it says on the tin, will download the list of all existing redirects.

  • Clear will delete all the existing redirects.

Let's say I have a page called summer deals with slug "/summer-deals" and have now created a new page with the slug "/special-offers".  In this example, I want to ensure that anyone who clicks on the old indexed slug will be taken through to my new page!

To add a redirect, Click New

  • in From, add your old slug ("/summer-deals")

  • in To, add your new slug ("/special-offers")

  • select whether you want the redirect to be temporary or permanent from Type.

  • Click Save.

The old link should now re-direct to the new one. Simples! 🤩

What should I redirect?

Getting a good list of links to redirect is important.  Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. Remember that for each source path you want to either chose a new destination of the home page (use a slash like this, /) or pick the best content page you have on the new store where possible.  

Doing this will greatly help your SEO credibility with search engines like Google.  Meaning you should avoid loosing your search ranking during the change. 😃

You can ask google for your top links by using the following search.  Remember to replace "" with your main store domain name.

Now look through the first two pages of results and start taking notes of the URLs used.  You won't need the query strings (the part you see after the question mark) just the domain and path.

Redirects when Migrating from legacy Evolution Stores

We've made it as easy as possible to get your redirects started if you're coming from a legacy Evolution web store to EvolutionX.  You'll still want to look at the above tasks too because every store is different but you can start by importing the CSV file below in your redirects section and that will cover lots of your indexed content and important pages like your home page redirect.

Use this list and copy into a text file and name it something similar to redirects.csv before importing it using the instructions above:


You can also make your own list of redirects similar to this example:


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