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Logo Resize for Email Templates 📧
Logo Resize for Email Templates 📧

Decrease the size of your logo on the emails sent out to your customers

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Wondering how to make your logo smaller in the templates? Not to worry - it is a quick fix! 👌

Currently, the logo size in all the templates is set at 100%. My logo, for instance, looks like this: 

In your admin screen, you will be able to view this by going to  Email > Templates > (Choose any Template) > Edit.

In the box on the bottom of the screen,  you will see the code for the template as predetermined by the system; 

In order to find the logo element, key in CTRL + F and a small search box on the top right of the screen will appear.

In this box, key in img, then scroll down and search for the element named <img src="{store_logo}" alt="{store_name}" style="max-width:100%; height:auto;" />,  which will appear highlighted.

Now that you have found the element,  change the"max-width:100%; to "max-width:25%;  Please note: this is just a size suggestion, you may change the number to whatever suits you better (you could even enlarge the logo if you wish).

Repeat the same process to all the templates you would like the logo size to be changed.

Tip 👍 Always run a test after you have applied the changes to ensure these have taken place!

As you can see, the logo is now smaller.

Job completed! 😃

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