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Facebook App - Share links on Facebook
Facebook App - Share links on Facebook

Get cool Facebook Cards that display your product images and descriptions on facebook by only sharing your store link.

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Facebook Cards are a great way for you to be able to share your content on facebook with your followers. Once setup you will be able to simply copy and paste a link into a post and facebook will automatically pull your product image, description, and display it as a card in the post. 

All you do is copy & paste the product page link 

Facebook automatically shows 

  • Product image

  • Your website

  • Product Title

  • Description of the product 

👍 Pro Tip : If you have Facebook login setup, you only need to copy and paste your App ID

Setup My App

  • Create an App

  • Fill out "Basic settings" 

  • Copy the App ID into your EvoX store settings

  • Done

☝🏽Keep Reading for the Detail

Basic Settings 

Fill in the following fields

Finally Copy & Paste your App ID into EvoX

That's It now go and test !!

You can see what it should look like by testing using Facebooks Developer tools

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