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Shipping & Delivery Tracking Code Emails
Shipping & Delivery Tracking Code Emails

Learn how to send your customers emails that include their shipping / delivery tracking codes.

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Send delivery tracking updates to your customers via email, straight from within your Order screen.

⚠️ Tracking codes are only available for orders (not for quotes or approvals). 

To add a tracking code, simply click on orders, then select the order you wish to add the tracking code to.  Click on edit and scroll down until you get to the delivery rules section.  

You can add a tracking link per shipping rule / parcel. When you set a tracking code you have two options: 

Integrated Shipping providers (UPS, Fedex, etc..) 

When using an existing provider you just have to provide a tracking code and the url will be generated automatically.

You can also add custom shipping links, to accommodate for any shipping service you might use. 

Save Tracking Codes

To save your changes you just need to click on : 

Send Tracking Email

Tick the box "Send email" and click "Update Tracking.." button. An email will be sent to the customer. 

Resend Email

If you need to resend an email to a customer, simply tick the box "Send email" and click the "Update Tracking.. " button and another email will be sent. 

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