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Imports - formatting the date range (EU only) 📅
Imports - formatting the date range (EU only) 📅

Ensure your imports go according to plan with this great tip!

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Getting an error message on your imports relating to your date columns?  This article can help you!

If you are using an import which requires a date range, you will notice on the import rules that the dates need to be formatted as follows;


When using excel, your date formats will generally be in UK/IRE format which is as follows;


For the import to work, we need to ensure we reformat the date field.  This is a quick fix on your spreadsheet.

Simply highlight the column(s) which contain your dates.  Right click on the highlighted area and select 'format cells'

Simply select date, and from the locale drop down select English (United States)

Hopefully that was easy!  Our date has now been formatted correctly - I can now import my file into EvolutionX! 👏

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