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Parent and Child Products

Apply changes to our managed content to create your own products!

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EvolutionX allows you to create infinite numbers of own products.  However, in some cases you may wish to make a simple change to a product which already  appears in a managed content catalogue.  We can achieve this by utilizing the Parent & Child product function!

Lets use KF24001 from the VOW catalogue as an example.  In this instance, we may wish to use the VOW rich managed content, but change the product code to EL1234.

First of all, we need to create a new catalogue for the child products to appear in.  

Click on Catalogues>Available Catalogues then + New Available Catalogue

Give your catalogue a name, start date and end date.

You have the option to auto update your child products from the managed content parent product.  However, if you are looking to make changes, ensure this button is disabled.

Lets add some items - simply click +Add Items

Well done - you now have your child product - this is indicated by the child icon next to the product. 😀

To make changes to the sku, simply click on the code - once you have the product screen available, ensure the auto update button is disabled.

You will now notice that all the products fields have become unlocked and can now be updated with your own details!  Lets change the code to EL1234.

Once you have made your changes, click save.  You product is now LIVE!

Fields/Data which can't be overwritten at the child level.

The below fields/data are only controlled at the parent level.

  • Supplier

  • Selling/Bullet points

  • Cost price

  • SEO Meta Data

  • Global Description

  • Product relationships

  • Attributes

  • Product Labels

👍 Pro Tip: if you have more than one product, why not use the import routine to speed up the process?

👍 Pro Tip: to ensure your child product is available on your webstore, simply apply it to the relevant catalogue container.  For a quick refresh on catalogue containers, why not view our article?

Enjoy! 😎

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