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API Keys and Developer Docs for EvolutionX
API Keys and Developer Docs for EvolutionX

Issue an API Key to create your own integrations by using our API or getting access for your software developer.

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We have an ever growing API for EvolutionX stores.  An API is used by software developers to be able to read and write information securely between their software and your EvolutionX store.  

Permissions to Access Developer Menu

Access to the developer menu should be limited to as few staff as possible. You can control which Admin users have access to it by selecting the permissions as documented here.

Authentication Keys 🗝

The first step is to get your authentication keys for your store.  You can issue this yourself in the EvolutionX Admin by clicking the Development → API Keys. You can perform the following operations:

  • issue a new API Key for each use case

  • apply a name/description to a new key

  • copy the new key and begin using it

  • view list of current keys

  • delete an API Key to prevent it from being used

Issue Keys for Each Requirement

When adding a new API Key we recommend using the description area to clearly indicate what or who will use it. Issue a new key for each requirement. For example one key for production use and others for development testing. Sharing keys should be avoided for security reasons.

  • Click "New API Key", enter a description and click save.

  • Copy the new key from the Confirmation window. This is the only time you can copy the key as it will not be revealed again. Store it safely.

Viewing Current API Keys

You can view the list of current API keys but only a small portion of the key will be revealed along with the description you provided. You cannot reveal the key and neither can our staff. If a key has been lost you should issue a new key and disable the old one once you have updated all systems that need it.

Replacing or Deleting an API Key

Deleting an API Key should be done with caution as this will immediately disable it from use. It can break an integration if it is still in use. If you are replacing an API Key then follow this procedure:

  1. Issue a new API Key with a description.

  2. Replace the old API Key with the new one in your software applications and confirm that the old key is no longer in use.

  3. Delete the old API Key by selecting the Deletion option from the menu which is to the right of the api key in the list view.

A confirmation message will have to be affirmed before the key will be deleted:

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