Maintenance Mode

How to use your maintenance mode and what it does

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When to use Maintenance Mode

Store settings => General => Site Profile

  • When you need to close your store to orders for a short period of time. 

  • Or if you want your store to be inaccessible to the public while you are building it or fixing things.

What it does 

When enabled the public see the below. The details at the bottom come from your Branch details. Store settings => General => Branches

How it works

When you activate the maintenance mode, the store will put up a maintenance page to all your visitors for all pages. You can still get to your pages by using the tokenized link inside the Admin area. When you are done, simply just toggle it off.

How to share the link

👍 Pro Tip:
The maintenance page throws a 503 temporary error, which is what you want for Google and other search engines to realize that this is just temporary. 

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