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Using labels to segment customers and products

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You can create any number of labels in the admin panel and assign them to customers and products. These labels can help control things like marketing banners, shipping and payment methods and other cool stuff! πŸ‘Β 

When you're creating your labels it's good to have think about how you'd like to use them - maybe to segment any local customers, or schools for example. If you are stuck for ideas just get in touch with us and one of our friendly experts can help.

Accessing Labels

To access / create your labels head into the admin panel and click Labels

Creating Labels

Adding labels is simply a case of clicking 'new label' and giving it a name, picking a color and selecting the type of label it's going to be. Remember to hit save when you've finished adding your labels!

What Next?

Now you've created your first labels we can show you how to assign them to your customers and products so you can make use of our powerful tools throughout the software.

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