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Manual payment methods

Setup manual or bespoke payment methods

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EvolutionX will allow you apply a number of different payment options which will appear during the customers checkout process.  In this article, I will show you how to setup some of the more popular manual payment options.

The payment methods options can be found in Store Settings>Payment Methods

You will see that the system comes populated with a few manual payment options -these can be switched on by clicking on the 'enabled' button.

👍 Pro Tip:  - if you want to show multiple payment options, enable the option then use the 'sort order' to determine the order they appear in.

More information can be added to the payment option, which will become visible to your customer during their checkout experience.  For instance, you may wish to add your credit terms to the 'Charge to Credit Account' option.  Lets give that a bash;

Against the payment option, click on settings

Payment Status Order Will Inherit - this is what your customer will see when they access their recent orders (for instance, On Account)

Payment Restriction - you can restrict who sees this payment option - only account customers should see Charge to Credit Account

Description - this text will be shown once the payment option has been selected during checkout (see below)

Instructions - this text will appear on the order confirmation pop up screen once the order has been checked out.

👍 Pro Tip:  - you can also create your own custom payment options if you can't see the one you require from our list!  Just click on 'Create Custom Payment' and away you go!

To utilize some of the more advanced Payment Method settings, click here!

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