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Deliveries - Setting up the delivery methods 🚚
Deliveries - Setting up the delivery methods 🚚

You've sold the items and taken payment so it's time to deliver the goods!

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Making sure your customer gets their orders is one of the most important jobs, so by following these basic steps and setting this up you'll have this wrapped up in a jiffy. (see what we did there?!) πŸ˜€

Depending on the type of customers you supply, and the way you set up your store you can set up multiple delivery methods to suit each and every one of them! We'll cover a few ideas here to show you the basics.Β 

Step 1

Head into store settings > delivery and click on + New Zone

You'll be asked to give the new zone a name, so let's call it United Kingdom and hit 'create zone'. Next up is to choose which counties we want to be included in this zone, so we're simply going to select United Kingdom from the list.
πŸ’‘ Note: The countries that are shown in this list are controlled from store settings > available countries

You can set up multiple zones with different countries applied if and when needed. This will allow you to control different shipping costs according to where the goods are being sent to.

Step 2

Now you've set up the zone and country we just need to add in the rules to control what delivery methods and prices are shown to your customers.

Let set up a basic rule to say delivery on any orders over Β£50 is Free:

You'd then need to set up another rule to cover off any orders below Β£50. In the example below the checkout label is 'Standard Delivery' and we've specified this rule is for orders between Β£0 and Β£49.99 and that the charge is Β£5.95

Remember to hit Save Rule!

Delivery methods can also be controlled by things like the items the basket contains, the supplier they're from or even by who is ordering, there is a more in depth article for these here.

If you have some customers that always have free delivery, you can simply override these rules by using the Delivery Override feature. To access this, go into
Customers > Accounts and simply edit the customer of your choice and turn delivery override on.

This example would always grant FREE delivery to this customer.

πŸ‘ Now promote your free delivery with this great article on adding an upsell message.

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