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Global SEO Settings - homepage, content, categories, products
Global SEO Settings - homepage, content, categories, products

How to setup your global SEO settings for your homepage, content, categories, and product pages.

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Navigate to General Settings => Search Engine Optimization. We will go through each section and show you how it works and how to set them up for easy search engine optimization setup.

What are Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions, etc

The "Meta" titles, descriptions are the content that is shown within the code of the page. It is only visible to the Search Engine like Google and not to your user. This is a place that helps you describe in words exactly what your store is about. 

👍 Pro Tip  
Google uses Meta Title and Descriptions in their SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)

Homepage SEO

The homepage is your most important page on your website. The homepage Meta details should reflect what you do and who you are. Best to make your store/company name as the Meta Title. Then make the Meta description a short description of what you do and what you sell. 

👍 Pro Tip
Meta title
shouldn't be longer than 50-60 characters
Meta descriptions shouldn't be longer than 300 characters

⚠️ Important
Meta Titles/Descriptions/Keywords added directly to a Content/Product/Category page will override the Global setup. 

For example see below...


What are these strange things? - %PageTitle% - %SiteTitle%

These are variables that will pull through the content of your page dynamically. These variables can be used to make it easier to have both a unique Page or Product title but also add a generic description as well. For example if you wanted to add your store/company name to each of your store pages.
e.g. Your Product Title - My Store Name

Content SEO

This is the section that will be used on your landing/content pages. You don't have to use this section but at a minimum we would recommend that you have at least the Variable %PageTitle% added. 

Category SEO

At a minimum you should have the Meta Title and Meta Description setup. These will pull through your category titles and any custom description you put in. 

👍 Pro Tip
For managed categories you can create your own SEO/Customer optimized titles by using the "Label" field. These will appear as your category title instead of the managed default title. You will still get all the benefits of the managed categories.

The Category title is pulled from... 

The Category Description is pulled from...

Product SEO 

Make sure you are using the ProductName and ProductDescriptions. You can add to these as well. 

Learn More about Meta Descriptions and Titles


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