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Switch sell products to your customers using the powerful swap tool!

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Want to point your customers to products that are eco-friendly? Or maybe simply sell more of those items that you earn a greater margin on? Item swaps is the place to be!

Using an item swap gives you the power to push your customers to the products you want to sell, based on the product they are searching for and adding to their basket. 

These item swaps can be set globally (for all customers) or they can be set at an account level - or even both!

Creating an item Swap Manually

Head over to  Products > Item Swaps > New Swap >

You'll just need to choose the lead product (the item the customer is adding to basket) and the item you want to swap it for, if you'd like to force the swap or simply make it a suggestion and then decide if it's going to be a global swap for all or select the customer account you'd like to apply it to. 

You can even add a message for the reason of the swap!

⚠️ Note: A suggested swap will allow the customer to add the original item or suggested item to basket but a forced swap will allow only the swapped item to be purchased.

Suggested Swap:

Forced Swap:

If you love this feature and need to set up many swaps we've got you covered. You can do this via an import at Products > Item Swaps > Import Item Swaps.

⚠️ Note: Item swaps are not supported in quicklists.

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