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Add Customers / Create Accounts
Add Customers / Create Accounts

Adding customer accounts to your admin panel πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨

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Adding customer accounts cannot be more straight forward πŸ‘Œ

Adding Customer Accounts Manually

Customers > Accounts > + New Account > Enter Fields > Save.
​(please note, the user and address fields are optional and can be added at a later stage)

Importing Customer Accounts

There are various useful imports associated with the accounts section:

The import required for initially adding customer accounts is the accounts' import (this can be accessed via Customers > Accounts > Import > Accounts).Β 

In the top right hand corner you will find the following button:Β 

This allows you to download the template required to import your customer data.Β 

Importing Customer Account- Rules

The import rules for accounts' import can be found by clicking into the import (as detailed above) and selecting 'import rules' tab. Here you will find useful information regarding which fields are mandatory within the import and other tips to avoid import errors.Β 

One important aspect of the accounts' import is choosing their roles- please click the button below for further information on customer/system roles.

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