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Product Additional Descriptions
Product Additional Descriptions

What are additional product descriptions and how to use them with managed and unmanaged products. Drop shipping SEO

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You have probably seen the Additional Descriptions fields near the bottom of your product editing pages within your store admin. And if you are like many other are wondering what they are for and how to use them. 

Global descriptions

Anything in this field will be automatically added to the main description area on your product page on your store.

This is your SEO Gold Mine. Google and other search engines know that drop shipping companies exist and that shared content is an important part of the marketplaces we buy from. Thus, they don't penalize you simply for having the same product content as your competitors. However, Google does expect you to add uniqueness and add value to these product descriptions. 

This is the space to do just that. The global description field is there for you to add uniqueness to your product content. 

👍 Pro Tip:
Not all products are made equal. Focus your energies on the products that your customers buy and are high value for your business. Another alternative is start with the products that you know well. 

👍 Pro Tip:
Use H1 tags and other good SEO best practice to highlight to Google and your users the importance of your additions. 

Catalog descriptions

Let's say that you have the same product that is sold to many different organizations. For example you are selling a shredder to an accountant firm and the same shredder to a school. You probably want to cater your language and marketing descriptions to them separately. Yes, the basics of the product info will be shared but how that product is used or what parts of it's features are relevant to the school or accountants might be very different. 

For example the accountants might really want to know that it can deal with large quantities at a given time, or that its cross shredding capabilities comply with good practice. A school might care more about it's safety features and would it be safe in a classroom setting. 

Why wouldn't I just added both that text to the Global description? Good question, the answer is you might in some circumstances. However, there are definitely times that you want to cater your marketing to certain customer groups and not make them wade through a lot of information that isn't relevant to them. Also, there is times when you need to highlight certain information that might be very specific to certain customer(s). 

Advanced Tip:
By utilising Child products, Multiple Catalogs, Catalog Containers and Catalog Descriptions, you can add custom messages on a product for just a particular customer account(s). For example when your Gold Customer(s) logs in you can have a special additional description just seen by them! Pretty cool right!

SEO Tip:

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