Payment Card Security

Learn about how we securely handle credit cards

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Card Security

We take security of credit card information very seriously.  We provide the highest possible safety while also providing great features.  

One of the strategies to achieve this is by using the payment provider you choose to securely store and transmit card details.   We never store any credit card information on our servers. We never transmit card details to our servers or on our network.  The only transmission or storage of card details is direct between the user's browser and the payment gateway that you have selected for your store.

Saved Cards

Even though we don't transmit or store card details on our system we are still able to look up and use saved cards which is thanks to the real-time integration implemented with the payment providers.  This gives the best of both security and features such as the ability for users to reuse "saved" cards for future purchases.

Processing Payments

When you need to process a charge against a card we send secure charge request to your payment processor which instructs them on which customer, card, and amount needs to be charged.  This is all done seamlessly and without you or the web store software handling the cards details directly. 

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