Comparison Data Widget Setup

Detailing the process involved in setting up the comparison data widget on your store.

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This guide will walk you step by step through the process of getting Comparison Data displayed on your store. 

Step 1: Log into your admin panel and navigate to the App Store, found in the sidebar.
Step 2: Find the app titled 'OPSoftware - Comparison Data Feed' and click on it, it should look something like this: 

Step 3: Here is the location to enable the app itself, keep in mind that the app itself is a premium feature so you may not initially have access to install it. If you can see the input field 'Company Name' then you have full access. Go ahead and enter your company name and click save.
Step 4: Your app should now be installed, you can now proceed to Appearance > Layouts. From here you will need to select the 'product' layout (the widget itself is restricted to this layout).
Step 5: From here you should now be able to see the 'Comparison Data' widget. You can now drag this into the layout, to a location that suits your preference. 

Step 6: If you open the widget config modal you can now play around with the settings in order to get your desired results. Set limits on the number of suppliers to be listed or the suppliers themselves. You can even weight the suppliers with the priority field. This will allow you to control the order in which they should display.
Step 7: Now go ahead and 'Save & Publish' your layout.

Comparison data should now be displaying on your store 🙌🏼. 

Please Note: Don't fear, data will only be displayed for suppliers which are more expensive than you.

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