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Constant contact newsletter setup

Learn how to setup your newsletter signup widget with your constant contact account.

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Constant contact is a popular paid for newsletter management product. It is simple and easy to setup with your EvolutionX store. Simply activate the Constant Contact App in the EvolutionX App store and see below how to setup your signup form. 

Step 1 Create your Sign-up Form

Create and publish an inline form.

Step 2 Add the Universal Code to the Head block

Copy and paste the Universal Code to the Head block of your store. 

Appearance => Theme Options

Step 2 Add the Inline code to the Html5 Widget in your layout

Copy and paste the Inline Code into your layouts Html5 Widget. 

Appearance => Layouts

Now just do a test add to your email newsletter widget to make sure everything is working nicely. 

You're a legend ! Nicely done !! 

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