Mailchimp is a wonderfully simple and sophisticated email newsletter SaaS product. It can now be found in your EvolutionX App store and it's Free!! 

Below we will show you how to get it setup in less than 5 minutes! 

Part 1 Setup 

  1. Login to your mailchimp account
  2. Navigate to "Lists"
  3. Choose the Newsletter list that you want your store widget to store emails against
  4. Navigate to "Signup forms" => click "Embedded forms" => click "Naked"
  5. Click "Show only required fields"
  6. Then copy the code in "Copy/paste onto your site" and paste it in an "HTML5" widget in your layouts.

Copy your form from MailChimp

Paste your form into an HTML5 widget

Check your form on the storefront

Part 2 Activate your MailChimp App

  1. Navigate to your Mailchimp account => "Extras" => "API Keys"
  2. Create a new API Key and copy and paste it in your AppStore

Now just do a test add to your email newsletter widget to make sure everything is working nicely. 

You're a legend ! Nicely done !! 

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