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GDPR Webinar Videos and Resources
GDPR Webinar Videos and Resources

Learn more about GDPR compliance and good data protection standards. We've included our webinar videos and some useful links.

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GDPR Compliance is very important as it's now legally enforceable but it's also just good practice.  The easiest way to get started with understanding it is to watch our short webinars.  Each is 30 minutes long.  You should then continue to research and get help with your ongoing effort to be GDPR compliant.  Keep these points in mind:

  • It's not just for web stores, it affects many aspects of your business offline and online.

  • It's a journey, not a destination.  You'll never be done so it should be just part of an ongoing effort.

  • Get started.  It's not too late.  Start simple and work your way from there.  You can continue to improve as you go.

Note: This content is designed for both EvolutionX and legacy Evolution Software web stores.

GDPR Webinar Videos

Webinar 1 – Introduction to GDPR for Evolution web Stores

Webinar 2 – Your Privacy document and getting started tips.

Webinar 3 – Controller checklist, Breach Notification, Data Subject Request.

References for more information about GDPR

The GDPR regulations themselves are good to review.  Usually at least half will be relevant to you.  The Article 29 Working Party publishes official opinions that really matter when it comes to clarifying important concepts of GDPR or Data Protection in the real world.  The often include multiple examples to help show how to implement GDPR correctly.

Getting started Guides

Helpful Publications

Regulatory Bodies

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