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Make your site look even more special with a favicon ! 😀

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Want to add a favicon to your EvolutionX site?  Of course you do!

To do this, click on Store Settings>General

First, we need to generate our favicon!  Create a Favicon and follow the instructions.  Your favicon's will be saved to a zip file - keep this in a safe place as we will need it later!  The tool will also generate some HTML code - again, copy this and keep it safe (maybe in a word doc or notepad)

Next step - we need to upload the 16x16 and 32x32 favicons into the media manager.  Click on 'upload favicons' and follow the instructions.  Once your favicons are loaded, you will need to copy their URL destination - lets start with the 16x16.  

Now that you have the URL copied, its time to paste it into the HTML code we generated earlier!

Paste over the existing text 'favicon-16x16.png' with the URL destination.  Then repeat the same process for the 32x32 HTML code.

Once you have copied your revised HTML code, simply navigate to Appearance>Theme options and paste the code into the Head Block.

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