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Admin Users Setup, Permission & Passwords
Admin Users Setup, Permission & Passwords

Setup admin screen login details for other members of your team, set permissions, and reset passwords.

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Manage your team's access to the EvolutionX store admin with permissions and more.

New Admin Users

Click on the Admin Users module, then + New User.

Give your user a name, email address (which will be used for login) and a temporary password.  This can be changed to something more memorable by the person creating the login, or the user once they have logged in for the first time. 

Notes: You will need to forward login details to new Admin User(s). Notifications are not sent to them. Admin Users can only update passwords if they have permissions to the Admin Users module.

Set Admin User Permissions

Once your user has been created, don't forget to set their permissions!  This feature is used to restrict admin screen module access based on the user's requirements.  Click to edit the user and find the 'permissions' section at the bottom of the view.

Set Default Admin Permissions

Use the "Set Default Admin Permissions" to see and set the typical permissions for a user who has access across the EvolutionX Admin.

Users with Restricted Permissions

Some staff roles do not need full access to EvolutionX. Consider the following modules as examples that can be added or removed as needed:

  • Dashboard & Reports — Shows sales numbers. Can be hidden from staff who shouldn't have access to overall sales figures.

  • Customers or Assigned Customers — Customers module has access to all customers. Assigned Customers has access to customers where a user exists with the same email as the signed in admin user. Enable one or the other, but not both.

  • Admin Users — Any user with this module has essentially full access since they can manage users and permissions.

  • Developer Tools & Logging — Admins, Developers and advanced users may need access to these to have the full ability to build or troubleshoot integrations and features.

  • Appearance & Store Settings & Email — Only store admins should have access to these areas since changes here are rare after golive and can break the store.

  • Support Chat — This enables or disables the support chat from EvolutionX for the admin user. Note that this includes the ability to ask questions, search articles, and see notifications from the EvolutionX team about features or important announcements. This should usually be enabled except in some cases where staff only use internal help and support for how to use the product.

Disable Admin Users

Users can also be disabled by selecting 'disable' from the options drop down;

Admin Password Reset

It is possible to reset another admin user's password.

In the menu on the left, navigate to Admin Users and click on the asterisks:

Complete the Password field with a password of your choice and hit Save:

**Note** - A password email is NOT sent from admin screen to the user. You will have to email this yourself or verbally confirm it.

Admin MFA / 2FA for User Login

See our article for setting up MFA for user admins to ensure a secure and safe access to your data. 2 Step Authentication for Admin Users | Evolution X Help Center

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