Get other members of your team involved with your EvolutionX adminscreen!  Its really simple!

Click on the Admin Users module, then + New User.

Give your user a name, email address (which will be used for login) and a temporary password.  This can be changed to something more memorable by the person creating the login, or the user once they have logged in for the first time. 

Notes: You will need to forward login details to new Admin User(s). Notifications are not sent to them. Admin Users can only update passwords if they have permissions to the Admin Users module.

Once your user has been created, don't forget to set their permissions!  This is a nice feature where you can restrict adminscreen module access based on the users requirements.  Click on the options drop down, select 'permissions' and tick the relevant modules which are required;

Users can also be disabled by selecting 'disable' from the options drop down;

Adminscreen Password Resets

Your EvoX administrator can reset your password for you.

In the menu on the left, navigate to Admin Users and click on the asterisks:

Complete the Password field with a password of your choice and hit Save:

**Note** - A password email is NOT sent from adminscreen. You will have to email this yourself or verbally confirm it.

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